Rotary Evaporator RV 8

Digital displays for speed and heating bath temperature allow for optimal control of all distilling processes. Thanks to specially designed glass guides, the condenser makes extremely efficient use of the 1500 cm² cooling surface.
  • Clearly visible glass display (black and white)
  • Locking mechanism: red display for unlocked state of vapor tube
  • Manual lift for precise positioning of glassware
  • Water/oil heating bath with integrated ergonomic carrying handles
  • Lock function for the heating bath temperature
  • Adjustable immersion angle
  • Single-hand operation; ambidextrous design
  • Easy exchange of evaporation flasks by clamp mechanism with push-out function
  • Woulff bottle

Scope of supply:
RV 8 V:
Rotary Evaporator RV 8, Heating bath HB digital, vertical glassware RV 10.1
RV 8 V-C: Rotary Evaporator RV 8, Heating bath HB digital, vertical coated glassware RV 10.10
RV 8 FLEX: Rotary Evaporator RV 8, Heating bath HB digital, clamps for glassware
Speed:5 to 300rpm
Speed display:digital
Stroke displacement:120mm, manual
Heating bath
Bath volume:4 l
Temperature range:RT to +180°C
Heating power:1300W
General data
Dimensions (W x D x H):510 x 345 x 490mm
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529:IP 20
Power supply100-240V, 50/60Hz
Rotary Evaporator RV 8

Rotary Evaporator RV 8

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Rotary Evaporator RV 8

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