Rotary Evaporators Hei-VAP Core, with hand lift

  • Available as hand or motor lift
  • Clear digital display for monitoring the current values and separate button to display the set values
  • Two separate operating knobs for adjusting the rotation speed and heating temperature with LED ring light system for activity indication
  • Activated lock feature prevents inadvertent adjustments
  • Residual heat indicator when >50 °C
  • Standby button stops all functions and lifts the evaporator flask out of the heating bath on motor lift models
  • Ergonomically optimized heating bath handles sit securely in your hand
  • Easily adjust immersion depth up to 155 mm and the tilt angle of the evaporating flask from 20° to 80°
  • Grease-free operation thanks to innovative sealing technology
  • Ventilation cap with PTFE inlet and free of ground joints. Optionally available with replenishment valve
  • Optional cable extension. The operating panel can be detached for use outside closed fume hoods

Scope of supply: Flask clamp Easy-Clip, vapour tube, ventilation cap, heating bath, 1-l receiving flask, 1-l evaporating flask. Supplied condensor as indicated.
Speed range:10 ... 280 rpm
Speed display:Digital
Stroke displacement:
Protection class:
155 mm
IP 20
Heating bath
Bath volume:4.5 L
Temperature range:Ambient ... 210 °C
Power input:
Protection class:
1300 W
IP 67
General data
Max. size evaporating flask:5 L
Condensing surface:1400 cm2
Condensing surface XL condenser:2200 cm2
Power supply:230 V
4.666 085

4.666 085
Plug typePKCat. No.
G1 Angled condenserstandardEU14.666 085
G3 Vertical condenserstandardEU14.666 086
G3 XL Vertical condenserstandardEU14.666 087
G5 Cold trapstandardEU14.666 088
G6 Vertical reflux condenserstandardEU14.666 089
G1B Angled condensercoatedEU14.666 090
G3B Vertical condensercoatedEU14.666 091
G3B XL Vertical condensercoatedEU14.666 092
G5B Cold trapcoatedEU14.666 093
G6B Vertical reflux condensercoatedEU14.666 094
 G1 Angled condenserstandardUK14.666 107
 G3 Vertical condenserstandardUK14.666 108
 G3 XL Vertical condenserstandardUK14.666 109
 G5 Cold trapstandardUK14.666 110
 G6 Vertical reflux condenserstandardUK14.666 111
 G1B Angled condensercoatedUK14.666 112
 G3B Vertical condensercoatedUK14.666 113
 G3B XL Vertical condensercoatedUK14.666 114
 G5B Cold trapcoatedUK14.666 115
 G6B Vertical reflux condensercoatedUK14.666 116
 G1 Angled condenserstandardCH14.666 127
 G3 Vertical condenserstandardCH14.666 128
 G3 XL Vertical condenserstandardCH14.666 129
 G5 Cold trapstandardCH14.666 130
 G6 Vertical reflux condenserstandardCH14.666 131
 G1B Angled condensercoatedCH14.666 132
 G3B Vertical condensercoatedCH14.666 133
 G3B XL Vertical condensercoatedCH14.666 134
 G5B Cold trapcoatedCH14.666 135
 G6B Vertical reflux condensercoatedCH14.666 136
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