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pH meter pH 3310 ProfiLine

Convenient and versatile pH/mV meter with backlit graphics display and menu controlled operation. Waterproof and robust. With 5 point calibration for WTW technical or DIN/NIST buffers. Additional 20 pre-programmed buffer sets. The CMC function (Continuous Measurement Control) helps maintain the optimum measuring range and warns when limits are exceeded. The pH/mV handheld meter with integral, time controlled, data logger and memory for 5000 GLP compliant records is ideal for extended data collection. With 1 to 5-point pH calibration. Menu controlled, with backlit graphics display for comfortable and safe operation. 100% waterproof, USB interface for fast data transfer. Includes driver software and cable.
Measuring ranges
pH:-2.0 ... 20.0
-2.00 ... 20.00
-2.000 ... 19.999
Accuracy:± 0.005 (15 °C ... 35 °C)
mV / Accuracy:± 1200,0 / ± 0.3 mV
± 2500 / ± 1 mV
Temperature:-5.0 °C ... 105 °C
Accuracy:± 0.1 °C
Interface:Mini USB-B
Memory:5000 records (measured value, temperature, date, time, ID)
pH meter pH 3310 ProfiLine

pH meter pH 3310 ProfiLine

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pH meter pH 3310 ProfiLine

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