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pH and redox meter pH 3110 ProfiLine

The WTW ProfiLine, hand-held, pH/mV meters are robust and waterproof, according to IP67. They have LCD or graphics displays. The proven DIN socket for connecting pH electrodes permits pH measurement even in wet environments. The instruments can be operated by standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries.
Make testing of pH and redox potential simple. Easy operation virtually eliminates errors. All function keys of the 3110 can be operated even when wearing gloves; automatic calibration and AutoRead functions ensure stable and reproducible results. The multifunctional display for pH, mV and temperature is always easy to read.
Measuring ranges
pH:-2.0 ... 20.0
-2.00 ... 20.0
-2.000 ... 19.999
Accuracy:± 0.01 (± 1 digit)
± 0.005 (15 °C ... 35 °C)
mV / Accuracy:± 1200.0 / ± 0.3
± 2000 / ± 1
Temperature:-5.0 °C ... 105.0 °C
Accuracy:± 0.1 °C
Temperature compensation:Automatic via pH electrodes with integral temperature probe, TFK 325 or Pt1000
pH and redox meter pH 3110 ProfiLine

pH and redox meter pH 3110 ProfiLine

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pH and redox meter pH 3110 ProfiLine

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