Disposable liquid samplers, HDPE

In numerous situations, rapid and contamination-free samples have to be taken. DispoSamplers are perfect for this application. They are cleanroom-manufactured, individually-packed and always ready-to-use. Avoid expensive decontamination or cleaning of soiled samplers. Gamma-sterilised versions are also available.

ViscoDispo: For high viscosity-media up to 100000 mPas.
LiquiDispo: For liquids and slightly viscous media.
DispoPipette: For taking all-layer and target-point samples from low viscosity-media.
DispoTube: For taking all-layer and target-point samples from liquids.
Disposable liquid samplers, HDPE

Disposable liquid samplers, HDPE

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Disposable liquid samplers, HDPE

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