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Control seals for sampling close-it

White/plain or coloured with labelling field . close-ithas a sandwich-type structure (aluminium/ paper) and seals the container hermetically (vapour barrier). The rear of the label is coated with a powerful adhesive. This means that close-it sticks firmly to most commercial containers, even to surfaces coated with fine powder, slightly moist or even frozen surfaces where conventional labels or adhesive tape will not stick.

close-it food & pharma ensures aswell the necessary success when resealing sample openings, as it reliably prevents products from escaping after sampling. The adhesive complies with the European guidelines for foodstuffs and FDA guidelines. Just like the original, close-it food & pharma has a barrier layer of aluminium foil, which makes the close-it food & pharma perfectly suited to sampling foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives, even frozen goods - any applications in which the product must not be contaminated by contact with the adhesive.
Control seals for sampling close-it

Control seals for sampling close-it
close-itProd.No.9.303 910Printed, 95 x 95mmRed500
 close-itProd.No.9.303 911Printed, 95 x 95mmGreen500
 close-itProd.No.9.303 912Printed, 95 x 95mmYellow500
 close-itProd.No.9.303 913Printed, 95 x 95mmBlue500
 close-itProd.No.9.303 914Printed, 95 x 95mmBlack500
 close-itProd.No.9.303 915Plain, 95 x 95mmWhite500
 Roller for close-itProd.No.9.303 919--1
 close-it MaxiProd.No.9.303 980Printed, 150 x 150mmRed250
 close-it MaxiProd.No.9.303 981Printed, 150 x 150mmGreen250
 close-it MaxiProd.No.9.303 982Printed, 150 x 150mmYellow250
 close-it MaxiProd.No.9.303 983Printed, 150 x 150mmBlue250
 close-it MaxiProd.No.9.303 984Printed, 150 x 150mmBlack250
 close-it MaxiProd.No.9.303 985Plain, 150 x 150mmWhite250
Roller for close-it MaxiProd.No.9.303 989--1
 close-it food & pharmaProd.No.6.228 255Printed, 95 x 95mmRed500
 close-it food & pharmaProd.No.9.303 998Printed, 95 x 95mmGreen500
 close-it food & pharmaProd.No.9.303 996Printed, 95 x 95mmYellow500
 close-it food & pharmaProd.No.9.303 997Printed, 95 x 95mmBlue500
 close-it food & pharmaProd.No.9.303 999Printed, 95 x 95mmBlack500
 close-it food & pharmaProd.No.9.303 986Plain, 95 x 95mmWhite500
 close-it food & pharma MaxiProd.No.9.303 990Printed,150 x 150mmRed250
 close-it food & pharma MaxiProd.No.9.303 991Plain, 150 x 150mmWhite250
 close-it food & pharma MaxiProd.No.9.304 000Printed, Roll, 150mm x 150mmyellow250
 close-it food & pharma MaxiProd.No.9.304 001Printed, Roll, 150mm x 150mmblue250
 close-it food & pharma MaxiProd.No.9.304 002Printed, Roll, 150mm x 150mmgreen250
 close-it food & pharma MaxiProd.No.9.304 003Printed, Roll, 150mm x 150mmblack250
 close-it tapeProd.No.9.303 992Roll, 95mm x 50mWhite50
 close-it tape MaxiProd.No.9.303 993Roll, 150mm x 50mWhite50
 close-it tape food & pharmaProd.No.9.303 994Roll, 95mm x 50mWhite50
 close-it tape food & pharma MaxiProd.No.9.303 995Roll, 150mm x 50mWhite50
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