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1air conditioner (control cabinet air conditioning)
2Aluminum compound with O (Al, [H,] O) (lab)
3Anaerobic system (lab)
5Arm turnback
  - B -
6Biotech. appl. (other, lab.)
7Bucket (lab)
  - C -
8capillary pipette (laboratory)
9Capsule hearing protect.
10Cell counting
11Circular shaker (lab)
12Clip ear protection
13Coat, smock
14colorimeter (PAT)
15conductivity electrode (PAT)
16Cross sleeve (stand,lab)
17Cryogenic (acc., lab.)
  - D -
18detector tube
19DISPENSER attachment (laboratory)
20Double sleeve (stand, lab)
21Douple spatula (lab)
22Dry nutrient (lab)
  - E -
23Ear protection plug
24Electro chemical app. (other, lab.)
25Electrode (acc., lab.)
26Electrophoresis (reagents,lab)
27Enclosed safety glasses
  - F -
28Fabric (plastic)
29Face protective mask
30Filter centrifuge
31Fine dust mask
33Five-finger gloves
34Flight mask (resp. protect.)
35Flow inducer pump
36Flowmeter (special system)
37Forceps (lab)
  - G -
38gas detector (electronic, short-term)
39gas detector pump
40Gear pump
41Glasses (eye protection, parts)
  - H -
42Histology, cytology (lab)
43Hygiene control (lab)
  - I -
44Impeller type mixer
45Incubator (lab)
46Information sign (sticker)
47Infrared burner
  - L -
48Lab. safety glasses
49Laboratory apparatus (other)
50Laboratory furniture
51Laboratory material, Labatory technology
52Laboratory table
53Lid (plastic, packing material)
  - M -
54Mandatory sign (sticker)
55Measuring gauge (pressure)
56Microbiol. (bas.chem., nutrient,lab)
57Microbiology (fast tests,lab)
58Microscopy (embedding medium, lab)
  - O -
60Originality lid (parts,lab)
  - P -
62PCR reagent (lab)
63Photometer (other, lab.)
64portable battery
65Prepared nutrient (lab)
66Pressure bottle (lab)
67Pressure reducing valve
68Pumparound cooler (lab)
  - R -
69redox electrode (PAT)
70Respiratory filter, gas filter
71Respiratory protective mask
  - S -
72Safety boots
73Sample beaker (lab)
74Sandals, lab. shoes
75Scoop (lab)
76Seal (pump, acc., lab)
77Shaking water bath (lab)
78silica sand
79Skin care preparation
80Skin protection preparation
81solenoid valve
82Spatula spoon (lab)
83Specimen jar (lab)
84spectacle glas
85Spectrophotometer (acc., lab.)
86Stand (complete, lab)
87Stand clamp (lab)
88Stand plate (lab)
89Stand ring (lab)
90Stand rod (lab)
91Stereo microscope (lab)
92Stop watch
  - T -
93test chip (gas)
94thermometer components (electric)
  - W -
95wall clock
96Warning sign (sticker)
97Water bath (lab)
98working cap