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Plasmid Purification-Kits I-Blue Mini / Midi

For rapid and efficient extraction of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells.
The method is based on a combination of alkaline lysis and RNase treatment to obtain a clear lysate with minimal genomic DNA and RNA contamination. The bound plasmid DNA is washed and finally eluted by adding a buffer. The test kit contains the I-Blue Lysis Buffer, an optional colour indicator. The use of this indicator prevents common handling errors that impair efficient cell lysis and neutralization.
  • Fast extraction time
  • High yield
  • Prevention of handling errors during cell lysis and neutralisation by I-Blue colour indicator
SpecificationsI-Blue Mini Plasmid Kit // I-Blue Midi Plasmid Kit
Method:Spin column // Anion-Exchange
Sample size:1 - 7 ml // 50 - 100 ml high-copy plasmid / 100 - 150 ml low-copy plasmid
Binding capacity:50 µg // 500 µg
Fragment size:1 - 15 kb // 1 - 20 kb
Typical yield:up to 50 µg // 200 - 500 µg
Operation Time:<15 min. // <80 min.
4.661 772

4.661 772

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Plasmid Purification-Kits I-Blue Mini / Midi

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