LLG Labware 

LLG-Cryotubes, PP, sterile

With star-shape in the screw cap, for automated capper/decapper.
Temperature resistant down to -196°C. Not appropriate for operations in liquid nitrogen. With marking area, fill line and graduations printed on the vial. Safe and precise handling of biotechnology materials. Bar-code printed on each tube. DNase/RNase free. Vials and caps are autoclavable at 121°C.
Homogeneous conception:
  • All made from polypropylene
  • Single-body, single-turn screw cap
Printed graduations for accurate measurements. Large white area for writing specimen identification. Sterile.

Packed in 2 bags of 50 tubes.
LLG-Cryotubes, PP, sterile

LLG-Cryotubes, PP, sterile

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LLG-Cryotubes, PP, sterile

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