Reagents VARIO for Photometer Lovibond® and HACH®

Suitable for Lovibond® Photometers as well as for Photometers of company HACH®*

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Reagents VARIO for Photometer Lovibond® and HACH®

Reagents VARIO for Photometer Lovibond® and HACH®

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Reagents VARIO for Photometer Lovibond® and HACH®

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mg / l
PKCat. No.    
Aluminium0.01-0.25832616.225 880  to Login / Registration
Ammonium Vial Test LR0.02-2.510023506.204 985  to Login / Registration
Ammonium Vial Test HR0.4-5010031506.204 108  to Login / Registration
Free Chlorine DPD0.02-280211006.203 803  to Login / Registration
Total Chlorine DPD0.02-281671006.802 999  to Login / Registration
Free Chlorine DPDup to 3.5-1006.236 015  to Login / Registration
Total Chlorine DPDup to 3.5-1006.236 016  to Login / Registration
Iron (Fe2+, Fe3+), dissolved0.02-3-1006.203 287  to Login / Registration
Iron (Fe2+, Fe3+), dissolved0.012-1.881121006.229 070  to Login / Registration
Manganese LR0.006-0.7814916.225 881  to Login / Registration
Nitrate Vial Test0.2-3010020506.204 923  to Login / Registration
Phosphate0.06-5.008048506.237 580  to Login / Registration
Total Phosphate0,06-3,58190506.205 489  to Login / Registration
Total & Acid hydrolyzable Phosphate0.06-58180506.206 186  to Login / Registration
Total Nitrogen HR2-15010072506.224 315  to Login / Registration
Total Nitrogen LR0.5-2510071506.204 922  to Login / Registration
Sulfate2-7080511006.204 319  to Login / Registration
*HACH® is a registered trademark of HACH® Company, Loveland, Colorado. Using brand HACH® contains no indication of a connection to this company or to a possible agreement of HACH® Company to composition, examination or suitability for use in spectrophotometers or other equipment or systems, which are sold under the brand HACH®.